Earth-Friendly Medical Supplies offers early investors significant opportunities to be part of an exciting new market segment with significant growth potential. The medical supply industry is a $151 Billion segment with a growing interest and motivation to reduce its environmental impact.

With Healthcare Hub’s proven track record of success in serving hospitals and healthcare institutions, coupled with a new product line that meets the needs of purchasing managers who may be required to meet environmental targets.

Earth-Friendly Medical Supplies is poised for success:

  • Growing demand for green products: According to a study by SK&A for Johnson & Johnson, 54% of hospitals said green attributes are very important in their purchasing decisions and 35% of hospitals switched to suppliers due to additional green/sustainable product offerings.
  • A growing market overall: Healthcare supply spending is projected to grow by 5%
  • Cost savings: Priced competitively with comparable non-environmental products; sustainable products can help to lower overall purchasing costs.
  • Experienced leadership: Established wholesale distributor headed by a medical professional.
  • Minority and woman ownership helps healthcare institutions meet government MWBE spending requirements.
  • Relatively little competition in the environmental category.
  • Strong partnerships with university, manufacturer and State business organizations.