Healthcare Hub – Making the Medical Field More Eco-Friendly

Healthcare Hub is a woman-owned business located in Buffalo, New York. The company is a licensed wholesale distributor of medical supplies, equipment, and pharmaceuticals. They provide the necessary high-quality equipment and products for medical, surgical, dental and veterinary fields. Not only does Healthcare Hub currently have over 10,000 products in its catalog but is has recently extended its mission to become more “green”. They are currently developing more eco-friendly and biodegradable medical products for healthcare institutions.


Natalie Apparicio-Farrell is both the owner and CEO of Healthcare Hub. Natalie has a background as a practicing physician and it was during her time as a physician that she noticed how there was a consistent issue in every single healthcare institution. “I noticed the huge volumes of waste produced on a daily basis by hospitals and other healthcare institutions during the delivery of care to the patient population,” said Apparicio-Farrell. It was then that Natalie knew she wanted to do something about the waste. She discussed with her husband how Healthcare Hub could make an impact as well as stand out from their competitors. “We decided that the company should seek to be socially and environmentally responsible,” said Natalie. From that point forward the company has started working to become more eco friendly. They are currently working to research and develop more environmentally-friendly products that are used in all medical facilities, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the medical industry.

One of the major issues that Natalie and Healthcare Hub are experiencing is the lack of capital. She has expressed her interest to grow as a company wishes to expand to a larger scale but not having proper funds is the main setback. The process of researching and developing the more eco-friendly medical products and devices requires a large amount of capital. Natalie is hoping to gain investors and capital to help take her business to the next level. She is aware that the healthcare market is large market with a lot of opportunities.

Launch NY is working with Natalie to help her overcome some of the issues she is currently facing. “Launch NY has provided mentorship for us to review and revise our current business plan to make it investor-ready,” said Natalie. The plan is to launch the new business plan to attract investors that will provide more capital. The increase in capital will allow for Healthcare Hub to continue to grow and continue to develop more eco-friendly medical products.

Just like most startups, the road ahead of Natalie and Healthcare Hub is filled with obstacles that the they must overcome but Natalie is confident that the they’ll find success. Natalie is a driven entrepreneur that works hard to achieve her goals. “Follow your passion. Ignore the negative comments from the other that try to discourage you from pursuing your dreams,” Natalie advises. She says that she wants to become one of the best companies in the world in developing green medical products. She believes that Healthcare Hub will be a representation of how medical supply companies can decrease their carbon footprint.

Healthcare Hub has no plans on slowing down. Natalie is currently working on her New York State MWBE certification and she hopes it will bring more opportunities to Healthcare Hub. She also is going to be working with several professors within the Material Sciences and Engineering departments at University at Buffalo to develop the biodegradable plastics that they can use for their products. Visit to find out more about Natalie and her goals.

Launch NY is responsible for providing support for over 400 businesses across Upstate New York. The mission of Launch NY is to identify high-impact companies and invest both time, money, and resources to help these companies grow into successful businesses.

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