Why Go Green

More and more healthcare institutions are realizing that sustainable health care can have a positive impact on patients and staff as well as on the environment without being a detriment to the bottom line.

According to Practice Greenhealth, a nonprofit membership organization founded on the principle of positive environmental stewardship, hospitals in the U.S. produce more than five million tons of waste annually. That waste is either sent to a landfill or incinerated, actions that both contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Using recyclable and or biodegradable products helps to lessen that impact.

By adopting a more sustainable focus, more and more healthcare institutions are realizing cost savings, competitive advantages, reduced waste and an overall healthier environment in their institutions and on behalf of the overall community.

A simple change in a purchasing decision to more environmentally friendly products can be the first step, or part of a larger plan for an overall sustainability commitment.

Key Data on Medical Waste:

The US health care industry spends an estimated $200 billion annually on medical and non-medical products; the disposable medical supply market is forecast to reach $49 billion in 2018.

Hospitals in the U.S. produce more than 5 million tons of waste annually according to Practice Greenhealth.

Non-regulated waste makes up 85 percent of total hospital waste can be treated similarly to hotel or other non-medical institution waste in terms of recycling, reusing and biodegrading.

According to a study by SK&A for Johnson & Johnson, 54% of hospitals said green attributes are very important in their purchasing decisions and 35% of hospitals switched suppliers due to additional green/sustainable product offerings.


of total hospital waste
can be recycled, reused
and biodegraded


tons of waste
are produced by
U.S. hospitals annually


of hospitals say green
attributes are very important


of hospitals switched
suppliers due to additional
green product offerings
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